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Our Causes

SUDNA Humanitarian incubator


Nurturing Innovation for Humanitarian Impact

In the Innovative Humanitarian Incubator, we are deeply committed to nurturing innovation for the greater good. This dynamic space brings together creative minds, visionaries, and problem-solvers from diverse backgrounds, united by a common goal: to forge pioneering solutions to the most pressing issues confronting Sudan. We firmly believe that innovation has the power to ignite transformation, and we embrace the audacious ideas that can lead to profound change.

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Huge Help For Evacuee

SUDNA’S role is to unify the Sudanese community in the US by creating a national network of community organizations that coordinate humanitarian efforts throughout the United States. Together, we stand for peace, justice, and freedom. We mobilize our community’s resources to assist evacuees and returnees to the US and those still in Sudan.

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Find Missing Person

SUDNA is a nonprofit organization established in response to the current war in Sudan, which has displaced 6.6 million people, including 20 thousand Sudanese-Americans. Unfortunately, thousands of our American citizens are trapped in the war zone without any assistance. Our mission is to provide direct aid to the victims both on the ground and around the world. We play a vital role in reconnecting families and communities torn apart by the ravages of war.

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