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About us

About us

Sudanese United Diaspora in North America

SUDNA is a non-profit startup organization, born out of a profound response to the persisting conflict in Sudan.

Our unwavering mission is to empower the individuals directly impacted by the profound ramifications of this ongoing war. At our core, we aspire to cultivate a unified platform, one that taps into the vast potential of contemporary technology.

Our devotion is centered on the establishment of an all-encompassing platform that diligently gathers crucial data pertaining to individuals who have gone missing. We harness the extraordinary power of technology to aid in the arduous task of reuniting families torn asunder by the relentless conflict.

Since the outbreak of the civil war in Darfur, a region in western Sudan, in 2003, it is estimated that approximately 100 thousand individuals have gone missing. Tragically, there has been no central database in place to identify these missing persons and notify their distraught families.

In this challenging landscape, Sudna endeavors to play a pivotal role by providing a much-needed space and opportunities for families, volunteers, and the entire community to actively engage in addressing the harrowing issue of missing persons in Sudan. Our commitment is resolute, as we aspire to heal the deep wounds inflicted by this prolonged conflict. We aim to bridge the gap, offering solace and hope to those who tirelessly search for their beloved family members.

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